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People at the centre of Avangarde Group Corporate Social Responsibility

Why should a business-focused company like Avangarde invest in social issues? Because, today more than ever, a functioning company can't ignore the territory around it and the impact it has on it. Therefore, the keyword becomes: responsibility. Avangarde has always been interested in this type of issue because its founding value has always been the centrality of the person, the enhancement of talent and the achievement of success through the sharing of skills. Over the years we have perfected our dialogue and listening skills. Now we respond naturally.

Thanks to the passion of our people, our technological expertise and a large ecosystem of partners, we develop and carry out innovative projects and solutions. As a business, we believe it is our responsibility to help create a society that offers more opportunities to more and more people. From dignified work to economic growth and quality education, we are committed to reaching the goals of sustainable development. For as long as we can remember. We truly believe that we can change the world together through common ethics and shared values. 

We have always proposed a method that puts people at the centre. We value their skills, simplify complexity and use tools that enable dialogue. Everyone must gain value from sharing and must be able to keep up with the times, know how to make the best use of new technologies, understand them and be able to take advantage of more agile and flexible work processes. We have always worked to provide inclusive tools that make information accessible to all. The solution is found combining ideas and knowledge. We give people a voice and encourage dialogue. This is the secret that allows us to always create new opportunities.

In a planet that is visibly deteriorating, where more and more attention is being paid to climate, social and economic rights and community, we are also making our contribution to change: we want to promote a sustainable vision of the world. A vision where creativity and innovation help solve problems - not just business. Deconstructing reality to make it simple and always improvable is indeed an endeavour that needs ingenuity. We too want to share our ingenuity and be an example of a responsible society.

Young people are watching us, we cannot make mistakes. The future rotates around the younger generation and the investment we make in them. Millennials are not just looking for a place to work. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves, something that will make the world a better place. Younger workers and recent graduates need to know that their work has a purpose. For example, bringing people together, increasing access to resources or teaching skills to our colleagues and customers. That's why we invest a lot in young people, in their growth, giving them opportunities so that they can be players in the writing of our tomorrow. This is the kind of world we want to build.

If we talk about the future, there is also a second issue that's important to us: the environment, defined as the area in which people work and live. What surrounds us is our everyday life and is vital. This is why we chose to invest in social projects that would enhance the territory where our company has its operational headquarters, Pavia: because investment in what we consider future is already innovation, it is evolution. So we start by listening to the community to understand its needs, values and desires and act to improve its economic and social conditions. We also discover that these needs, values and desires are also our own, they are already part of our DNA. Shared values therefore also increase our competitiveness.

Global economic and social uncertainties, combined with constant technological changes, continue to disrupt markets and intensify competition. In times of turmoil, trust is essential. Organisations have the opportunity to create and maintain trust by responding effectively to the growing demands of inclusive and accountable business - and by innovating with integrity. At Avangarde, we believe that a responsible approach to business is critical:

  • for success,
  • to protect our staff, our company and our clients,
  • to distinguish us in the market.

We have the opportunity to help shape business practices and society for the better, by creating innovative solutions with our customers and by working alongside our partners to support the communities in which we live and work. And that is what we do and will continue to do in the future, because it is a key ingredient in our business strategy: an opportunity to generate value and contribute to the well-being of society at the same time.