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When social responsibility succeeds: Avangarde Group participates in PMG's “Città a Impatto Positivo” (“Positive Impact Cities”) project

Choosing a paper straw, dedicating yourself to cleaning public areas, investing in volunteering, there is no activity that is more right than another, but there is the commitment to be more sustainable. Each of us creates our environment, so we can all take the initiative to try to improve our surroundings. Joining "Pavia - una città ad impatto positivo", a project promoted by PMG Italia, means supporting plans for education, environmental redevelopment and inclusion and becoming real protagonists of this change. The objective? To build a solid network of Third Sector organisations, Institutions, Entrepreneurs and Citizens aimed at the well-being and quality of life of all - and in particular of those in fragile conditions within the community.

One thing is certain, unity is strength and working together for a common purpose can make all the difference. Avangarde Group is also participating in this new project and contributing to the cause. The CEO, Stefano Mantovani, explains one of the Group's main investments in social issues as follows: «We decided to get involved in “Pavia - Città ad impatto positivo” because we want to support the implementation and management of socially useful, environmental and cultural dissemination services,» he says, «and because our values and objectives of equity, common good and responsibility match perfectly with those of the project.» The key to the success of these services is to have found common themes of cooperation between social, economic and environmental values, workers' interests and the business needs of the companies and entities involved.

The first concrete activities were the inauguration of the "Bosco di Pavia" green area, a refreshment area created thanks to the planting of 30 trees in Parco Sicurani, and the donation of a vehicle equipped to transport people with frailty to the city's UILDM association. Thanks to the effective contribution of the voluntary world, many elderly or disabled people will now have an additional opportunity to move freely and actively participate in social life. This is an important step forward that helps satisfy the fundamental human need for contacts and relationships, bridges the gap between individuals and shifts the focus towards what people can do, if put in condition to do it. 

Coming soon to the Liceo Olivelli will be training and awareness-raising sessions on issues of responsibility and care for the environment. Indeed, young people will be the first "Positive Impact Citizens", and it is therefore they who are asked to contribute to the growth of the project, proposing ideas to be implemented in the city.

This also builds strong and sincere relationships with the local community: Pavia now knows it can count on Avangarde and its values. In fact, the Group has always put people at the centre, and has managed to build a close-knit team of talents over the years, giving voice to all those involved and valorising differences to overcome major criticalities. In this open-minded perspective, the human factor of a resource is as important as its skills because the secret to evolving as individuals and as a company is to share ideas, values and goals. In this way, a new concept of responsibility is developed aiming to spread an inclusive and respectful culture of natural resources and to improve the enjoyment of rights by all, including and especially by people with fragility.

«For us, people are essential, it is only through them that we can become ambassadors of change on the environment and society,» confirmed Mantovani. «Likewise, we want to generate a positive impact on the territory and, to do so, we support in particular the rights of people with disabilities, valuable resources to whom we have also given trust within our company and who have reciprocated by actively contributing to the growth of the Group.»

Our territory has always been an excellence in social, entrepreneurial, sporting, cultural and organisational terms, and an epochal change is currently in progress. The change lies in the way we relate to it and to people, in an attempt to re-establish a balance between needs and consumption, between socio-environmental needs and economic development. It is a change that must concern everyone, in whatever role, as citizens, as families, as businesses. Everyone must set themselves a goal of sustainability and the way of doing business must change. The hope is that our territory, the people and businesses that have made it excellence, will once again be an example to imitate.